Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunday, Sunday, Stream of Consciousness Sunday

The day, stream of consciousness and run-on style: 

Early wake-up, off to church through the bitter cold, I listened as our minister Justin urged us to explore the question of "callings" - our true purpose and life's work - a subject on my mind of late, then I drove in meditative silence until home was back on the horizon and joined my roommate in a deep scrub of the entire house as public radio programs drifted through the hallway. This was followed by a deliberate stroll through the local Co-op where, despite my deliberateness, I forgot the main ingredient for my lentil soup and so instead made my first-ever/inaugural batch of bran muffins and extremely garlicky hummus, while sipping on a very-special-treat-imbulse-buy Cream soda. When Joseph's name appeared on my phone, I rejoiced and taste-tested a warm bran muffin - slathered with overpriced (but delicious) butter - and listened as he too gave me something like a sermon on purpose and calling. I also learned he, like me, loves bran muffins and I made a mental note to finish up that care package ASAP - packed full of books and bran muffins. After our typical drawn out goodbye (which I cherish), I enjoyed a piece of toast with the same ridiculously good butter, some sliced-up radishes, and a pinch of good salt: a small dinner before a large dessert of frozen yogurt with Julia, followed by meditation at the nearby center, followed by a warm bath with ginger-geranium scented bubbles, where I looked upon three candles and a favorite picture of me standing solidly at the edge of the ocean at four, and listened as my house creaked and groaned ready for spring, ready for the windows to be thrust open, and the fresh air to blow through.


  1. A beautiful Sunday!!! So glad you were able to build in so many acts of self care. And just for the record...I LOVE bran muffins too. :) ha ha.

    1. I KNOW you love bran muffins girl. ha ha