Sunday, March 3, 2013

Careful Consideration of the Good

Today was a very challenging day, but since the careless use of words is what made today so heartbreaking, I will just use a few words as best as I can.

Things I am grateful for:

Delicious, healthy meals enjoyed with a group of old friends.

A circle of women who provide strength and wisdom for each other - and my luck in being a part of the circle!

The wise words of the book Tiny, Beautiful Things - and the ritual of reading a few pages before bed.

The sound of melting snow and cracking ice....but also the knowledge that more snow will cover the tree branches tomorrow.  (It's okay that this is a bit contradictory.)

Having a friend I can lovingly create a care package for. And including a favorite book from my childhood that he will surely love!

The beauty and serenity of the simple things - such as a stack of vintage plates, washed with care and quiet intention at the end of a very long day.

As a sidenote: I will never forgot the time in church that the minister read a poem about a father teaching his daughter to swim in the sea. The father told the frightened girl to let go, and fall back into the water - he assured her that the salty sea water would keep her afloat. The minister compared our church community to an ocean - that all the congregants make up this body, this great, strong mass that holds things up. He said that as an individual in the church community sometimes you will be a part of the ocean, holding up other individuals who need the support, and sometimes you will be the one being held by the ocean.

Sometimes you are the ocean; sometimes you need the ocean. Today I needed the ocean, and was lucky enough to fall back and discover a number of bodies keeping me afloat.

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