Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday Evening Recap

This week I have managed to laugh a lot, reflect deeply, read many amazing pages of a few amazing books, have as much quality time alone as I had with people I care about, and also lounge around the necessary amount of time.

I end the weekend feeling nourished thanks to fantastic food (such as this smoothie that is really a milkshake) and a few poems that resonated with me deeply. This Adrienne Rich one comes via a Cheryl Strayed Dear Sugar column (which I have been devouring for weeks), and while I studied Adrienne Rich in a college poetry course, I don't think I "got" Adrienne Rich the way I "got" her this time around. I aim to visit a bookstore this week and pick up her entire collection, The Dream of a Common Language.

I also have been reading Mary Oliver's Red Bird, and transcribed another excerpt for my calligraphy homework. That said, I have been a calligraphy slacker all week, and in this transcription realized why our teacher insisted we make time every day to practice. If you don't, as this shows, things deteriorate  quickly.

That isn't even really calligraphy as much as it is someone writing slowly with a fancy nib pen and pot of ink. Oof.

The coming week I aim to visit the gym 3+ times (and the sauna), get my car fixed, make a new recipe, actually practice my calligraphy, and start plotting a spring/summer vacation.

Nothing too exciting, but glad to be feeling way less dreary than I was one week ago this time. Onward & upward!

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  1. Thanks so much for helping celebrate Mike's bday! He was so so pleased and your presence was essential! I am so glad you got to see video of the man dancing to Whitney Houston. OMG. Anyway-I totally get what you mean about "getting" poetry. It is so interesting to revisit poets at different points in our lives. :)