Monday, March 4, 2013


My calligraphy homework assignment this week was to end my practice of capital letters - exclusively in pencil -with a few lines of capital + lowercase, in ink.

There is nothing I needed more than to write out these 7 lines from a Mary Oliver poem.

Focusing on these words -writing each one so deliberately - I feel lighter somehow. Even if I didn't really take to heart the assignment - to focus on capital letters - I did take to heart the assignment I have given myself all day: which is to be easy on myself and others, and to examine the places of growth that are possible from points of pain. Mary Oliver knows these lessons well. I am happy to have sat with her words for the many-minutes it took me write this out. I have felt very humble the last few days, very flawed and human - and these too are experiences Mary Oliver knows intimately. Perhaps my entire calligraphy practice will be writing out the words of those wiser and more articulate than me, as a way to get closer to wisdom and peace in myself!

Also, my friend introduced me to a fantastic resource today, and for that I am also very grateful.

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