Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Best of 2012

My friend Rebecca and I must have the same afternoon slump patterns, as typically a few times a week between 2-4pm we fall into rapid-send-email-frenzies. Today's frantic - and extremely important - communication spurt - complete with way too many question-marks and exclamation-points (per usual) - gave me the idea for tonight's entry. In one of our many tangents, Rebecca was telling me about her friend, Lindsay, who I should remember because she was "the one who saw you on election day. hahahahahaha!"

So, as the story goes, on election day Rebecca's high school friend Lindsay thought she recognized me in line to vote, based on Rebecca having featured me in her blog a few times. She was trying to figure out if it was indeed Rebecca's friend Sara, when she heard me eagerly engaging in conversation with a neighbor ahead of me in line....about vegetables.

As Rebecca said to me over hysterical laughter later that day, upon hearing the nature of the conversation and the level of enthusiasm in my voice, of course Lindsay got confirmation it was definitely Rebecca's friend Sara. I just love the idea of being caught excitedly, lovingly (and loudly) chatting it up about vegetables while thinking I was being rather quiet and lowkey. The walls have ears in my neighborhood polling place! I additionally love that Lindsay reported back to Rebecca, who reported back to me. Something so charming about this little instance of community via community. In it's random, quirky way, it was one of my favorite memories of 2012.

So, what were the other Best of 2012 moments? All together now:

Let's break that down:


My mother's kitchen sink becomes a bathtub.

The harvest.            

Gathering with women of many generations for yoga in an old barn, where bats and birds swooped low over our heads as we held strong poses by the light of many candles. A restorative weekend of movement, laughter, conversation, and amazing food.

Decade-long friends still being able to surprise you - and bring you to the most sincere laughter-mixed-tears.

A spur-of-the-moment project - one girl, a shovel, and some determination - turned into an afternoon to evening backyard transformation, completed by the flickering glow of a headlamp. 

A most sacred and beautiful place. Equal parts adventure and solitude.

The first snowperson constructed at my home...and a new companion's first snowperson ever. Sharing firsts with someone you care about.

Any and every moment seen through these eyes.

An autumn and election-season that finally felt restorative.

The first meal in the new kitchen using Grandma Bernice's old crinkle-vegetable cutter on multicolored root vegetables. Old is new again.

Thanksgiving with a dear friend and his dear family, in a beautiful Southern town, where even a stranger from Up North is practically family by weekend's end.

A meal cooked for me with care and intention.

Inspiration boards made with a circle of trusted friends.

Bringing kindness and sincerity into a place that needs more of it.

First blooms.

And this blog.

The practice of noticing. The commitment to keeping a record of it. The dedication to not shrinking away from the truth, no matter how ugly or beautiful or uncomfortable or desperate or raw and unedited.

This year I've tracked many goodbyes and many hellos. I've tried to record them here, sometimes while sitting at my computer in a not-ugly robe. I've tried to be true to my voice, even when it was shaky and unsure. I've reveled at the rare moments where I've said exactly what I meant.

This year I decided to befriend myself, and the blog was a big part of that. Befriending yourself means giving yourself the same patience, love, and forgiveness you give to your dearest friends. Through writing more - always from a place of honesty - I've done my best to extend that care back towards myself.

Bring it on 2013. You have a lot to live up to.

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