Sunday, January 13, 2013

Before and After: The Kitchen

There are still a few small pieces to finish up in my kitchen, but it's so nearly complete that I felt it was due time to share the amazing transformation pictures. Here are some side-by-side comparisons of different parts of the room. (Sidenote: this is a huge project for me, and while wedding dress shopping with & for my pal Rebecca yesterday, I decided this kitchen is my wedding. The appliances = the dress. The counter-tops = the catering. The light fixtures = the flowers. Etc, etc, etc. Basically, to rationalize draining my rainy-day-fund into this space, I am seeing it as a transformational life event akin to those that all my friends are undertaking (and spending money on) that I am not. When I look at it that way, I think perhaps I should set up a registry for my kitchen...mostly the least I might write some cheesy vows and pop some bubbly when the feeling moves me.)

Pantry/Fridge Becomes Back Entry

Opposite Side of Pantry
Sink wall becomes fridge and counter space

View into the pantry before and after (back door moved!)

Stove wall

Window wall total transformation

Cooking in this gorgeous space is the best. Here are some of my favorite views:

Hidden in the lower cabinet are cookbooks. I love how functional this formerly unused space is! I also love getting to display my favorite vintage glasses and pottery in the glass front cabinets bookending the windows.

For fun, I painted the edge of my basement door the same orange-red as the back door. So when it's open a bit you get a little surprise pop of color.

The view into the kitchen from the front entry, with a little peek of the amazing vintage-inspired lights. This view is so stunning and still very shocking to me.

And a final marvel of this space: all the light! The photo below was taken on my cell a few days ago as I was leaving for work. All the light you see is what is spilling in through the windows. I love how bright and inviting the room is. And that pop of red (on the then drying back door) is absolutely the best.

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  1. OMG no words. Well, a few words. So much light! So much space! So you! I love the orange-red door and pop of color. Oh my word, it's all amazing.