Saturday, February 4, 2012

february: in postcards and pictures

February is about doing.

It's about putting into action some of those little thoughts that just pop into your head, nag at your being, and linger by your side.

It's about saying "yes" to the silly ideas and the mad dreams. It's about not listening to the rude voice that thinks it's being logical and says, "That can't be done."

So I'm starting small yes, but a few things have been ticked off my list that relate specifically to this goodbye ugly robe way of being. (By the way, I am being a bit self-indulgent and humorous when I use this term, as if this is a mantra worth branding. Ha!)

1) I've reached out to two three "experts" in their fields and asked if they would teach me their craft. I got enthusiastic responses from the majority. Soon I will schedule and document the results.

2) I've resolved to take a photo a day, on my phone, not with the idea of being particularly artistic (these are phone photos after all) but with the desire to be intentional about the moments I want to remember. Maybe in the future these will be both nice to look at and intentional. First three:


 3) I've decided to send a postcard a day during the month of February. I'm excited because for the first three days of February, I've just found random postcards around my house, in drawers, tucked into a book...but I'm going out for some thoughtful postcard hunting today, with specific individuals in mind.

The postcard idea just popped into my head on the 1st of February, and then a blog entry I read while settling into work solidified it. Apparently there is this mysterious group called The Postcard Underground that sends notes of congratulations or overall good wishes for the receiver. I liked this spin on things, so I decided my postcards would be more specific notes of gratitude and love for the person receiving them. It's been really exciting to think of who I want to write and imagine the surprise when they get a postcard out of the blue from someone either across the street or across the world who just wants to say you're pretty fantastic, you know that?

The rest of these photos and postcards will be revealed throughout the month OR in one grand display at the very end. We'll just have to see how February shakes out.

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