Monday, February 6, 2012

early february inspirations


feb 6

The moon tonight is gorgeous. If not for the near nose-dive I took on a patch of ice that just won't melt (despite unseasonably warm weather), my first gaze would have been perfect. I think the weight of my grocery bag is all that kept me upright. Thank you pumpkin quesadilla supplies for being just the right weight! After dropping off my ingredients on my back porch, I went and snapped february 6th's photo. An iphone really doesn't capture the beauty of this night, but it at least reminds me of it.

In honor of getting my butt kicked at the circuit class I took at the gym (too many planks, too many...) and being so physically exhausted, typing feels like exercise, I am going to keep this entry simple.

A few things inspiring me these days:

Those who have known real love, and can articulate it.
The mood this tiny artwork evokes.
A home/craft project I could possibly achieve, that also involves the much beloved mason jars.
Speaking of jars.
This house (and that garden space!)
Lists that are far from ordinary and speak to a life well-lived.
The challah recipe I will learn how to make challah with.
Everything this lady likes.
A poem before head hits pillow.

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