Sunday, July 28, 2013

what I did today

Could the title of this entry be more boring?  You're welcome.

To make this slightly (just slightly) more enthralling, I shall work backwards through my day (and cease from using the word "shall" henceforth. Or henceforth.)

I am sitting in my orange room (the office? the study? the nursery for my imaginary non-child?) gazing out the window, thinking about what was a very beautiful day. I mean, check out these clouds:

This was Boundary Waters Canoe Area level gorgeous skies. And this was the only photo I took (likely to Rebecca's great disappointment).

I am also eating a peach and a few Newman O's, despite having just spent over twenty dollars on dinner. Problem was, the food was less food and more presentation. Check out the pretentious plate:

If it's going to look that dumb, it should at least taste decent and not send someone running home to their Newman O's, amirite? 

Before my pretentious supper (with good company, luckily), I spent a few hours adding some perennials to my yard, mostly so I could occasionally look skyward and marvel at how gorgeous the day was. I also added a bird bath to my secret garden AND discovered my eggplant is finally producing:

I forget what variety eggplant this is, but I love the way it looks coming out of the bloom. I'll have to take a few more photos over the next few days so you can really see how oddly the fruit develops from this variety. 

I also am mildly obsessed with the possibility that I will get to witness a bird bathing in my new garden art. I AM VERY HOPEFUL (all CAPS hopeful).

Prior to spending some time in my garden, I spent far too long at a local garden store. So long, in fact, that I started to consider this might be a good idea:

Not a good idea. 

I also discovered a beautiful variety of echinacea:

I have a garden store problem. And, as a sidenote, I am always the youngest person at the garden center by around thirty years. Young people: do not give up the art of growing things! Please!

My computer has now decided it's had enough of me, so I shall quickly conclude by noting that I started the day at a lovely bridal shower brunch for a dear friend of mine (who loves cloud photos) and I learned something truly horrifying about marriage, which is: you cannot use the bridal shower gifts until after the wedding!! If you are as impatient as me, this is cruel.

Over and out. 

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