Sunday, July 7, 2013

update: list and links version

What I'm eating: Apparently, a lot of pesto-related dishes. In the order of my affinity: kalealmond, and wasabi. (Also, I now drink cucumbers, who knew that would be good?)

What I'm reading: Two books that are rather embarrassing to read on the bus, for obvious reasons.

What I am plantingBright colors and pollinator attractors.

What I'm thinking about: Travels to new places and a road trip through places I know well
and love. 

What I'm obsessing about: my closet and "so many clothes nothing to wear" syndrome; 
possibly addressing said clothing boredom with a few key pieces from Etsy (1 or 2 or 3);
needing wanting a vacation; how to beat the heat; will my backyard ever be the garden I dream of?

Miscellaneous Thoughts: How is it already July? Is it actually raining after I planted all afternoon/do the weather gods smile down on me?  Might this actually save a life, because I think it revitalized mine for a moment.

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  1. drinking cucumbers is a delicious thing to do. and you are an inspiration!