Thursday, February 21, 2013

tidbits and pieces

Today at 3:15 I noticed a text on my phone that said: "I think you should skip work and come to [local theater] to see some short films with me at 4:30."

So I did.

I left on the 3:45 express bus and was only 15 minutes late.

I needed a little spontaneity. As I've been advised by someone wiser than me, I need to occasionally give less of myself to work and more of myself to everything else.

Other notables:

After 2 (of 6) calligraphy classes, I am starting to see (gradual) improvement:

Mom sent me a hilarious photo of my Dad (or his backside rather) tackling the snowstorm in Missouri, with Bea looking away (unimpressed).

My Mom loves getting unflattering photos of the members of our family...and then sharing them totally innocently as if the photo was truly candid and she wasn't cackling with glee as she took it. Fooling nobody, Mom.

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