Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Little Inspirations

I will be making one of these:

It's called a Little Free Library and they are springing up all over town. My idea of mine is to be a mini version of my blue house - except with a green roof like the photo above. So basically, what I dream my house could be. And it will hold all the great books I hope my neighbors and folks passing by would enjoy. Much loved books from my childhood such as: A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Maniac Magee, and The Giver; and new favorites like Dandelion Wine, East of Eden, and Middlesex. I'm also excited to think of the new books that will appear. That's the beauty of these little libraries: they grow and evolve as readers visit them and leave their own 'favorites.' It really is a conversation between members of the community. The book-worm and community organizer in me rejoices!

Another benefit of this L.F.T: my house is a block from a fast food establishment and I often find trash in my front gardens and boulevard. There is also a bus stop in front of my house that seems to encourage people to litter in my yard. I've long had a vision of building a bench into the hilltop in front of my house (right by the bus-stop sign) and having a trash can. Now there will be a library as well. I'm in love with this vision of my front yard!

Today I was telling my friend how I long to be more creative in my life and work. He said to look for the little ways to satisfy that need. I didn't mean to be so literal when I thought a Little Free Library would be a nice way to dive right in.

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