Sunday, April 1, 2012

things I have been doing (march recap)

Wearing (and taking awkward pictures of) the crazy tights I'm wearing:

Cry-sighing at the end of very satisfying novels:

Receiving many photos from le childhood home of the dog Dad describes as "fuzzy wuzzy":

Wishing Dad wouldn't text the words "fuzzy wuzzy" to me. 

Listening to this song on repeat. It's just so pretty.

Going outside to take out the trash/check the mail/do any other ten second task and finding myself elbows up in the garden with dirt quickly gathering under my fingernails, and sweat forming my brow. (Yesterday this happened while I was wearing my "party shoes" and preparing for guests to arrive for my roommate's birthday. My party shoes look a little sad today.)

Listening to this little guy belt out his first "Ma" (and many subsequent "MaMaMa's"):

Placing small clippings of flowers in tiny vases in unexpected spaces:

Dreaming of a new kitchen, and finding lots of inspiration across the world-wide-web:

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